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Technical Maintenance Base
Aircraft Maintenance (Part -145)
Supply of certified mechanics
Supply of authentic spare parts
AgustaWestland Αuthorized Service Center
Other Services
Aircraft Parking
Consulting Services
Purchase and sale of Aircraft
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ICSS is a member of the i-Group and was founded in 2002 as a specialized aviation service provider.

ICSS’s primary goal is flight safety, hence a Maintenance Technical Base certified under EASA Part-145 (EL.145.047) has been built at the airport in Pachi, Megara to provide technical support to helicopters and airplanes employing mechanics certified under EASA Part-66.

Its activities are supplemented by parking services, engineer training, as well as consulting services relating to aircraft management, sale or purchase of aircraft - the emphasis always being on better customer service.

Following an inspection by the manufacturer, in February 2010 ICSS became the only authorized service center for Agusta Westland in Greece.

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