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Despite the ease of use of private aircraft their parking and safe-keeping remains always an important issue. If you wish to park your helicopter or airplane in a well guarded and protected environment all you have to do is to trust ICCS’s Base at the airport of Pachi Megara just a few kilometres outside of Athens.

The Maintenance facilities represent an ideal place to park your aircraft, especially with regard to security. The Base which uses a close circuit surveillance system is one of the very few private facilities that have been approved and certified by NATO. This is indicative of the high standards adhered to in the guarding and protection of the space.

In addition, our Maintenance facilities have the capacity to provide many more services to you and your aircraft. More specifically, the company’s staff will always greet you before or after each flight, the aircraft will be externally and internally cleaned, an external power supply will be used for start up, and finally, we will organize the refuelling operation of your aircraft.

And of course, if you require more, you can purchase the parking package, a complete proposal which in addition to the above also includes other services such as airworthiness checks, engine washing and the maintenance inspections specified by the manufacturer of your helicopter or airplane.

If all the afore mentioned have not convinced you, all you need to do is to visit the Maintenance Base where you certainly will change your mind.

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