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ICSS through its maintenance base at the airport of Pachi, Megara has been certified under EASA Part-145 (EL.145.047) by the Civil Aviation Authority. It can meet inspection, maintenance and repair needs for a wide and constantly growing range of aircraft types, currently and more specifically the following:

  • Agusta Westland A109 Series
  • BELL 430 Series
  • BELL 206 Series
  • Eurocopter / Airbus BO105 Series
  • PIPER PA 31-35 Series
  • Beechcraft Premier 390 Series
  • Cessna Citation CE550B Series


All of the company’s administrative staff are highly trained professionals and have a long lasting experience in helicopters and airplanes. The technical staff in particular has been certified under EASA Part-66 and can perform all the required line and base maintenance works.

At the same time, the Maintenance Base provides a fully equipped and safe environment where ICSS’s technicians can meet any customer need that may arise.

Part-145 Certification



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